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Do you have a story to tell?

Your story means a lot to us and we want to hear them! Maybe it’s about problems you have faced in the past as a family? It could be a problem within the family? Perhaps a pivotal time in your families life that your family overcame together?

Whatever your story, submit it now and contribute to a wonderful project. The idea is to create unique and realistic story lines that reflect issues that diverse families may face in their lives while making it transferable to children so they can relate as well. After all, not all stories about problems or issues are for adults, children need help too.


What happens to your story?

Potentially your contribution could be made into an animation in the Big World Little Om series or used in future publications. We really do believe is building a community spirit where we all help to spread the message that love, is love. Period.


So, why are we asking for stories rather than making them up?

Simply because real stories reflect real issues in life. We use real life stories because they matter and are relevant to people, no one should have to go through the struggles of life alone; adult nor child. Why use made up story lines when there are people out there with stories we need to hear?

There is no doubt that others will relate to your story and it is important to bring these issues into easy to understand forms for children to process. Furthermore it is easy to forget just how much children pick up on things, whether it be facial expressions, tone of voice, tension, emotional issues or physical issues, so helping them understand how they might feel or why others feel a certain way is extremely important. It could help their development in the future or in extreme circumstances save their lives.


How do you submit your contribution?

You can submit by filling in the form below or alternatively, send an email to (If you want to include images or more text)


We really want to hear from you! Submit your story now.


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