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Big World Little Om is a creative project intended to help children understand how they feel. Whether it is directly about how they feel emotionally towards other children or about relationships within their family e.g. having same sex parents.


Family Diversity

By representing them in cartoons children will have something to relate to. It will also help others understand how they feel. Under an umbrella of understanding we also intend to show how different families really are the same when it comes love.

Just because their family is different to another child’s doesn’t mean it is wrong. It is important they know they are not alone as thousands of families will share commonalities.

While each family is unique in their own way, deep down their family is just the same as mine or yours. Love is love.


Donations – How you can help

A big part of the project is owner funded but more money is needed to help drive the creation of the series. By opening the project up to the greater community we hope to make this a community lead project where everyone involved can help make a difference.


Here are a few ways you can help 

While monetary donations will help push the project further, there are many ways you can help us –

  • Make a donation here
  • Share the donation page , Website and Facebook page
  • If you are a business, consider sponsoring us or sharing our cause on your business page
  • And finally – Spread the word! Love is love 

Thank you on behalf of everyone here at Big World Little Om, your contributions are greatly appreciated. We look forward to developing the project with you.

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