Labels don’t define Who I am

Today is the coming out day. To celebrate, I thought that I’d share my own coming-out story with all of you. Everyone’s coming-out story is different. Mine is not necessarily representative of mainstream LGBTQ culture, but it’s a coming out story nevertheless. It is a difficult story for me to tell for many reasons – but it’s part of the healing process. Continue reading “Labels don’t define Who I am” >

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International Day of Non-Violence

International Day of Non-Violence

non-violenceOn October 2nd, world wide we celebrate International Day of Non-Violence. This day was announced in June of 2007 to commemorate the amazing humanitarian work of Mahatma Gandhi by disseminating the message of non-violence, including through education and public awareness. October 2nd was chosen for this day as it is the birth day of Gandhi. Though Mahatma Gandhi was born 147 years ago, his message and methods still carry strong with us today.

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Happiness Makes A Family Complete

Happiness Makes A Family Complete

family completeWithout happiness, a family cannot be complete. Happiness provides a healthy environment for a family. Children cannot learn and grow without a healthy environment. There are straight couples who are not happy and it makes it very difficult for their children. There are gay couples who are happy and it’s reflected in how they bring up their children. Happiness no longer means being in a traditional family. A family filled with love and happiness is complete.

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A Loving Family Is Not Defined By Labels

We All Seek A Loving Family

Hello, my name is Mera and I’m just like you. I just want a loving family.a loving family I’m just an ordinary woman with three kids; two marvelous children that I had with my ex-husband and a special little boy that I shared with my partner. My older sons are athletic, strong, love extreme sports, and want to join the military like their father. My youngest son is curious, delightful, and everyone is his instant friend. Our unique loving family may not look like yours (or maybe it does, the world is a large place) but we are no different than yours in what we want for each other and from each other: love.

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Why Kids With Same Sex Parents Aren’t Different From Other Kids

Why Kids With Same Sex Parents Aren’t Different From Other Kids

kids with same sex parentsTo understand why kids with same sex parents aren’t different from other kids, we must first look back at history. Back in 1960, over 70 percent of the children in the U.S. lived in a traditional household. A traditional household was considered to be made up of a mother and father in their first marriage. A lot has changed in the last 57 years.

That figure has dropped to below half of the families in this country.

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Racial Identity – Twins – Love is love

Twins Born Showing Different ‘Racial Identities’

I’ve been reading a lot of posts and stories about twins born showing different skin tones. It shows us how fluid and subjective these racial categories are that we are so accustomed to. Many claim the different sets of twins to be ‘biracial’ and ‘rare’. In fact it is very similar to twins born with different eye colours but we don’t automatically stuff them into categories that suit us, do we? How many twins do you see that are the same skin tone but have very different features? Is that made a big deal out of? No. Of course to the media and the majority, this is novel. Two children born to the same parents as twins, that look different… Umm?

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