Happiness Makes A Family Complete

Happiness Makes A Family Complete

family completeWithout happiness, a family cannot be complete. Happiness provides a healthy environment for a family. Children cannot learn and grow without a healthy environment. There are straight couples who are not happy and it makes it very difficult for their children. There are gay couples who are happy and it’s reflected in how they bring up their children. Happiness no longer means being in a traditional family. A family filled with love and happiness is complete.

What constitutes happiness in a family?

Is it money? Or is it fame? Is it gifts? All of these things can provide temporary joy or the type of joy that that doesn’t really matter. It’s about loving one another and supporting each other. There are a few things that you can do as a family to increase your love and happiness for one another.

  • Communication

    Unfortunately none of us are mind readers. We can somewhat read body expressions and make assumptions but you cannot read someone else’s mind. You might even be able to predict someone’s behavior somewhat but you cannot read their mind. It’s important to tell your loved ones how you’re feeling. You should also encourage them to share their feelings. Honesty may hurt at times but it’s better than hiding the truth or telling lies. It’s very important to communicate well. Otherwise people may keep feelings bottled up for several years.

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  • Help To Deal With Stress and Adversity

    We all face challenges everyday. They may be at school, at work, common places we visit or even with friends or even family!  Learning to deal with stress can make a family stronger. You can set a family day to play games, watch a movie together, go to the mall or even plan a picnic day at the park. Setting regular fun activities can help get your mind off troubling issues. It can also provide a relaxed atmosphere to discuss your feelings.


  • Eating Meals Together

    As we get older, we rarely eat with our families. This starts at a younger age all the time. We have so many distractions whether it be smartphones, television or anything else. It’s great to sit down with your loved ones and discuss your day and enjoy your food. It’s one of the few old traditions that I support. I think that a fun idea is to cook together! Letting children cook with you makes them feel more independent and take pride in what they create. They don’t have to necessarily be handling pots and pans or use kitchen appliances but they can help with arranging ingredients or even possibly chopping food depending on their age.

A Loving Family Is Not Defined By Labels

Can You Come From A Broken Family But Avoid Being In One Later?

Absolutely! No matter what, you cannot erase your family history but you can avoid repeating it. As humans, we attempt to love and care for our families but we are not always successful. If you grew up and had a bad childhood, don’t let it define who you are. Do not let it prevent you from starting your own family. Most importantly, do not let it harm your own family.

For example, I know of a couple where one of the parents grew up in a broken home. Her fear of her past is preventing her from truly experiencing happiness with her current family. She believes that it’s going to affect how she raises her child with her partner. However, she really does have a happy family and that this is not an issue with her child. She must learn from past mistakes.

If you didn’t have supportive parents or even abusive parents, it can help you become stronger and care more for the ones you love. You may no longer love the family you grew up with – you may even no longer speak with them or even not forgive them. You do have to try to learn from that experience.

I’d love to hear from all of you. Did you grow up in a loving family? How is your current family? Are you happy? Please tell me about your family, straight or gay, and how you try to keep your family happy.

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