A Loving Family Is Not Defined By Labels

We All Seek A Loving Family

Hello, my name is Mera and I’m just like you. I just want a loving family.a loving family I’m just an ordinary woman with three kids; two marvelous children that I had with my ex-husband and a special little boy that I shared with my partner. My older sons are athletic, strong, love extreme sports, and want to join the military like their father. My youngest son is curious, delightful, and everyone is his instant friend. Our unique loving family may not look like yours (or maybe it does, the world is a large place) but we are no different than yours in what we want for each other and from each other: love.

My Vision

I dream of a world where people don’t have to choose between love and acceptance, and I hope that by sharing the story of Big World, Little Om, I will help grow an awareness and appreciation for those unique families out there.

My series, Big World, Little Om, tells the story of Om, a young boy who uses the power of his imagination to deal with real life issues that are happening to him and around him. He lives with both of his mothers, Sarah and Melody. He has a best friend name Amy, who is bright and energetic. Om is just like every other child who wants a loving family regardless of their parents sexual preference. This is a story for anyone and everyone who cares about love!

Over the next few months I would love to hear your stories and build momentum for this project. It is my hope that this will become a crowd built project. Please send me your stories about your family and hopefully together we can create something special for kids.

Big World, Little Om Trailer

My Story of Heartbreak

Not long ago, I was sharing my life with my partner. A woman I fell deeply in love with. We were truly happy together and it was everything I ever imagined love could be. It was my storybook romance. We were a loving family. Unfortunately, the fairy tale didn’t last. The stress of being in a same sex relationship was too much. In her own words, she felt the safest and the happiest with me. What happened, what changed her mind….society, her own fears, her family?

We want to follow our dreams. Go to movies with each other without people staring. Support our children at their sports events without people giving us looks. We want to bring potluck meals to your Pampered Chef parties and discuss our jobs and vent about our bosses. We shop at Kohls, we eat at Applebees, we are just like you. Deep down, where it really counts.

My Mission

I am going to try and change the world one heart at a time. Big World, Little Om will be my gift to unique families and traditional families the world over. I want to create an animated series that will inspire children within unique families to believe in love, and more importantly to believe in themselves. People need to see that our families are not so different. I am developing a series for children that represents the full spectrum of family, not just one shade or type. Single moms, two moms, two dads, two moms and a dad, a mom and a dad, a grandmother, a single father—you name it, we want to celebrate you.

Even though the world tries to put labels on me, I refuse them. I refuse them because they don’t define me. My heart defines me, and guess what? The same is true for you.

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