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Twins Born Showing Different ‘Racial Identities’

I’ve been reading a lot of posts and stories about twins born showing different skin tones. It shows us how fluid and subjective these racial categories are that we are so accustomed to. Many claim the different sets of twins to be ‘biracial’ and ‘rare’. In fact it is very similar to twins born with different eye colours but we don’t automatically stuff them into categories that suit us, do we? How many twins do you see that are the same skin tone but have very different features? Is that made a big deal out of? No. Of course to the media and the majority, this is novel. Two children born to the same parents as twins, that look different… Umm?



Unfortunately an underlying point across many of these articles is how one of the twins is pretty much always bullied. In the case of Lucy and Maria Alymer, Lucy the white twin with ginger hair recalls how at school she was bullied for being ‘adopted’. Maria is back and Lucy is white, their mother is half-Jamaican and father is white. They also have other siblings of whom vary in skin tone between the pair.

Lucy and Maria Aylmer

Source: Express – For article click here

There are many other examples of such twins. It is interesting to read Vox’s article about racial identity, stating the lesson learnt here is that scientifically race doesn’t exist. We (as the human race) created the categories to bring meaning and measure to the different groups, it seems we are obsessed with this. Man made tick boxes.

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Human: Aren’t we all?

It is unfortunate that many twins to come will face the same hurdles and opinions as those before them. We can only hope for a world in the future where race, colour, sexuality, gender and anything else that sets us apart, doesn’t matter. As a race we are incredibly intelligent but also judgemental and ignorant. Hell bent on destroying ourselves.

It is movements like Big World Little Om that push forward and say ‘Hey, it doesn’t matter. We are all human’. We need more things like this in the world, more positive drives and less negative, confused media.

The pressure it must create for their family is intense and they have probably faced some horrendous times. It shouldn’t do. It shouldn’t matter. They are two healthy and lovely children, that is what matters.


Love is Love

Here at Big World Little Om, we are spreading the word that love, really is love. It doesn’t matter what race you are. It doesn’t matter your gender, your sexuality, in fact nothing matters. What matters is that deep down your family loves the same as any family. You love just like any other person and exist as they do.

One thing we really need to do though, as a community is not buy into to these novelties, categories and labels. It is time to turn the corner and set a president for the future – we are all the same deep down.

We are all human. We have a skeleton. Blood fills our veins. Skin covers our flesh. Lips to kiss another.


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