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Celebrating Family Diversity

What is Big World Little Om?

Big World, Little Om is a multi-faceted project with a single goal.  The project will use books and animated shows to teach children about diversity, understanding and compassion.  The characters will experience real world situations, such as having two mothers or fathers, gender identity questions, parental separation and more.  The characters will model effective, appropriate and research proven responses to those situations rather than follow the status quo of current media.  Om, for example, will use his imagination to cope with challenges instead of using it to run away or escape from life’s most difficult changes.  The stories will be powerful, yet easy enough for children to understand.   And the message is simple – Love is Love!

How will the series address these issues?

 Through the series Little Om will look at different communities through innocent eyes. As a child who isn’t influenced by prejudice and hate, he only knows love. He will ask questions and then ask more questions as he tries to understand the world around him. To him, there is only love and that is what matters. It doesn’t matter what people look like, sound like or live like. Or who they love even. The important thing is, they love and just as deeply as anyone else. 

Each book/episode will show how love is the essential ingredient for everyone to enjoy a happy life. It doesn’t matter how different families are, what matters is the love they give and the hugs they share because to a child that is the best part.  


Little Oms Message

Everyone’s families are different and that’s important. The world needs that.

Spread the message, that love is love, because everyone’s families are equally important.

Join Little Om now by sharing his message #littleomsaysloveislove



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